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SSC released the 2019 interim results in Hongkong

2019-08-30     Source:


On August 28, Sinopec Oilfield Service Corporation held 2019 Interim Results Announcement in Hong Kong.

In 1H 2019, the company actively explored the market, deepened reforms, enhanced management, gave full play to the role of science and technology, recorded significant increases in revenue and new signed contract value and continued to improve operating performance. In 1H 2019, the company recorded a revenue of 30.26 billion yuan, increased by 28% YOY, and a net profit of 510 million yuan, increased by 27% YOY. The company achieved new contracts 42.9 billion yuan, up 25% YoY. The annual workload target of main segments has been accomplished more than half.

In 2H 2019, the company will firmly seize the opportunity of industry upward cycle, adhere to the development concept of “leading technology, creating value, supporting oil & gas, and serving customers”, continue to deepen reform and optimize market structure, team structure, HR structure and capital structure, so as to build a solid foundation for sustainable and high-quality development and promote the company's specialized, market-oriented, global, high-end and featured development. We are committed to creat greater value for shareholders and society, and build a world-class integrated petroleum engineering service company.

(Rong Liming Liu Wenxu)



吉林11选5_[官网首页]  8月28日,石化油服在香港举办2019年中期业绩发布会,详细介绍公司2019年上半年经营情况、财务情况及下半年展望。


  下半年,石化油服将紧紧抓住油服行业上行的有利时机,秉承“技术引领、价值创造、支撑油气、服务客户”的发展理念,持续推进深化改革,统筹调整市场结构、队伍结构、人员结构和资本结构,筑牢公司可持续、高质量发展基础,促进公司专业化、市场化、国际化、高端化、特色化发展,为股东和社会创造更大价值,向打造世界一流综合一体化石油工程服务公司不断迈进。(荣立明 刘文旭)




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